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Love for JORD

I have never owned a watch, LIKE EVER.  So when I partnered with Jord, I was more than excited.  I usually keep my accessories to a minimum because being a mom of three boys, time is against me.  One of my new years resolutions is to spend more time with my boys and husband without my phone.  So having my

Pumpkin Patchin

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Went to the Pumpkin patch with the boys and they loved it! It was so HOT, but that was the only down side. We rode a tractor ride and climbed all the way to the top of the hay stacks! The boys picked out their own pumpkin and Jensen decided he wanted a really big

Sweater Weather

Fall is here and it is still warm somedays ?.  This sweater is perfect for those days.  This one shoulder piece is one of my faves for this season.  And let me tell you, it doesn’t break the bank! It’s only $17.80 from Forever21.  Can’t you believe it! I tagged my faves below, so get them


Living at the beach, this summer is going to consist of a lot of play dates and fun in the sun.  Let’s face it a good hat and sunglasses are key when your chasing little ones.  Us moms lather our kids in sunscreen most of the time forgetting about ourselves.  I wanted to share my


BOY BOYS and more BOYS!! I love dressing my boys and finding good deals.  Lets face it,  dressing three can get pretty expensive.  I try and shop small as much as possible, but I always wait for a sale!  Too bad twins don’t have a two for one deal ;).  Lucky for me, Christmas and


I LITERALLY cannot wait for summer!  I was walking through the mall with the boys and I spotted this bomber jacket through the window in Forever 21.  I’ve been wanting one for a while, but haven’t found the exact one I’ve been wanting!  You will probably be seeing me in this a lot.  I have


It was our 5 year anniversary on March 3rd and Ryan and I originally wanted to have a night away alone. Our moms had plans already, so we had no one for the boys.  So I told Ryan, lets just stay in town and take the boys to dinner!  It wasn’t a big deal, because I have been getting anxiety being away

Twin Valentines

When I got pregnant with the twins, it was so surreal. I dreamt twice I was pregnant with twins before I even knew I was having them. I felt like it was God’s way of preparing me for this miracle. I was so naive with the process, so this whole twin thing, hit me like


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MUSIC!  Another love of mine.  I think in another life I would love to be a DJ.  You think I’m kidding.  I don’t know how many people would like the music I’m playing, but hey, at least I’d be dancing like no one is watching!  I love all music.  I grew up listening to Billie

Choker Heaven

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Well ladies, this is my first blog post! What better way to celebrate, than to talk about my passions in life and how I got to where I am today.  If you read my about me column, you would understand that my background is that I was an esthetician.  I left out that I did